ABHA Midwest Regional Championship Write-Up

The morning of March 18, 2016 was frosty and clear when judges Brian Ralph and Chad Wheeler signaled for the first brace of the ABHA Midwest Regional Championship to be turned loose on the farm of Will Dunn in Lebanon, KY. Mr. Dunn is well known in field trial circles for his winning all-age dogs […]

Champion Wild Apple Spot On

  I’ve been at this dog thing for almost 30 years now, so, I have a pretty good idea as to what it takes to win.  But sometimes a dog can develop into even more than you hoped when you first start working.  That was the case with Wild Apple Spot On who, as you […]

Saturday’s Trial

I’ve been working with bird dogs for about 30 years now and have had the good fortune to have four really exceptional dogs to go along with many good ones.   The first was a setter that Lloyd Murray of Long Gone Kennels gave me named Stokely’s Diablo Buddy he came from a litter that […]

Mid-Winter Update

It seems hard to believe that half the winter has gone by.  January was great for working dogs and was capped by a great hunting trip with Tim to Kansas.  Now were getting ready for field trials here in Kentucky and have been able to work around a couple of snow storms.  Although there was […]