Puppies and Started Dogs



As of 2/15/2024

Planning to breed Wild Apple Snakewood X Wild Apple Tiger Lily

and Wild Apple Snakecharmed (Sire TBD) as soon as they come into heat.



Born Halloween — all sold.


Elhew Snakewood X Wild Apple Tiger Lily — Puppies born on Halloween

Cobe and Lily are both my personal dogs that are part of the Guide String and are run in cover dog field trials.

The Cobe X Lily litter appears to be on the way — Xray scheduled for late October.  Lily’s progesterone test indicated she was ready and Cobe’s semen analysis indicates his part of it was a go.  Used AI for the breeding because we were having difficulty getting them to tie up naturally.

Elhew Snakewood (Cobe)

Wild Apple Tiger Lily




Still waiting on Peppa to do a repeat of our fall 2020 breeding of Atom X Peppa.  We were very happy with the pups from that litter and many of them were pointing grouse and woodcock their first season.  At the point I’m writing this I am very pleased with the pups I have had personal experience with.



Puppies Due late September 2020

Wynot Atom X Wild Apple Snakecharmed

Congratulations to all the new owners of a Wild Apple puppy.  the litter was sold out quickly.  Check back for updates on our future breeding plans.

Elhew Snakecharm X Wild Apple Samantha Puppies Due 10/19/19

Sam is a daughter of Wild Apple Jack X Wynot Belle.  Charlie is Elhew Snakefoot X Elhew Danner.  These should be excellent wild bird dogs.


Puppies Elhew Snakecarm Elhew Snakefoot Elhew Strike Hook’s Bounty Hunter
Elhew Gimli
Elhew Yellow Rail Elhew Brass
Elhew Raindrop
Elhew Hampshire Maddie Elhew Explorer Elhew Discovery
Elhew Kelly
Hampshire\’s On Point Elhew Seaman
Elhew Mother Goose
Wild Apple Samantha Wild Apple Jack Wynot Ace Elhew No Trump
Wynot Brie
Elhew Liebetschaner Elhew Fibber McGee
Elhew Gypsy Rose
Wynot Belle Pal’s Maverick Autumn Elhew Gold
Elhew Autumn Whisper
Wynot Kristy Cedar Lane Bill
Fox Creek Belle
Pedigree generated by PedigreeQuery.com

Wild Apple Molly McGee

— SOLD —

IMG_0907 IMG_0904

Molly was quite a character as a puppy when she arrived here in 2015 and showed her strong desire to find and point birds that first summer before going to her new owner in Tennessee.  She returned for the next summer and early fall of her Derby year and garnered a number of placements on both quail and wild birds.  Her owner has decided to give up bird hunting for a number of reasons and we are looking for a new home for Molly.  She was sired by Elhew G Force.  SOLD.  She has recently turned 5.  Molly has been fully broke.


Molly last fall in Maine


Elhew Black Dose

Dose will turn two in April 2018 and is a well started dog with a full season of bird hunting on my guide string last fall.  He is currently staunch and will be broke out over the summer.  He does not have the range to make it on our field trial string and will make someone a great hunting dog and personal companion.  His pedigree is posted further down the page as he sired the litter of pups we raised last spring.  He is available now or I will work him through the summer and deliver him prior to the season.




NEXT LITTER DUE Late Spring 2018

Here at Wild Apple Kennel we frequently have started dogs and puppies available.  We hope to breed Wild Apple Samantha to Wild Apple Spot on and she is due in heat late March 2018.  Should we get her bred, we could have puppies in May.  Check back here for updates.


Wild Apple Samantha



We had nine puppies (seven survived) born here at the kennel on 3/31/2017.  Their breeding is Elhew Black Dose X Ch Wild Apple Calvados.

Wild Apple Dogs

Dam Ch Wild Apple Calvados (Ch Autumn Moon X Cover Dog Covergirl)


Elhew Black Dose (Elhew Hampshire Venerable X Elhew Hampshire Maddie)


Nine puppies born 3/31/2017 — 6 females, 3 males — 7 b&w and 2 females are liver and white.

Pedigree of Elhew Black Dose X Wild Apple Calvados Puppies


Elhew Black Dose X Wild Apple Calvados Puppies
Reg. #: Litter #103507Name: PuppiesSex: 5 female, 2 malesBreed: PointersWhelp date: 03/31/2017Breeder: Wild Apple Kennel
Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
Elhew Black Dose Elhew Hampshire Venerable Elhew Distinction CH Elhew Snakefoot
Elhew Kiwi
Grey’s Miss Emiliah Hampshire’s Mr Buck
Elhew Mother Goose
Elhew Hampshire Maddie CH Elhew Explorer Elhew Discovery
Elhew Kelly
Hampshire’s On Point Elhew Sea Man
Elhew Mother Goose
CH. Wild Apple Calvados CH Autumn Moon CH Wynot Ace Elhew No Trump
Wynot Brie
Elhew Liebotschaner CH Elhew Fibber McGee
Elhew Gypsy Rose
Cover Dog Covergirl CH Wynot Ace Elhew No Trump
Wynot Brie
CH Four Rivers Covergirl CH Elhew Sinbad
Miss Elhew Awesome
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Started Dogs (None currently available)

Excellent prospect For Sale. Wild Apple Guinevere turned one in July and is pointing and holding her birds nicely.  She lives in the house and is easy to get along with.  She will be here in New Hampshire until early January then will be headed south with me for winter training in Kentucky. (SOLD). Will make an excellent hunting dog and could be a good trial dog for the right person.   Email or call me http://wildapplekennel.com/contact-us/ for more information or make an appointment to come see her.  Guinie has joined the hunting guide string of Mark Kingsbury and should have a great fall in the North Woods of Maine.


Wild Apple Jillian (pictured below) is sold.  She seems really nice so far and has Elhew Fibber McGee top and bottom in her pedigree.  Nice pointing style, wants to please, and very affectionate.  Looks good on point as well.    Her new owner, Jamie Welsh, placed her in both puppy and derby (on wild birds) stakes this fall.



Wild Apple Moon Glow has a new home.  Joan Trial over in Maine was missing having pointers and was planning to get a pup from the repeat breeding of Jack X Wynot Belle which did not happen.  So, Joan decided to take a look at Glow who will hopefully fit well in to her household and hunting activities.


Glow pointing a wild covey in Kentucky winter 2015.



I purchased two puppies out of the breeding of Nelson’s Van Max to Wild Apple Faith.  Faith is a full sister to Wild Apple Jack and Autumn Moon and has done well on the Michigan cover dog circuit with a third place this spring not that long after this litter of pups had been weaned.  The puppies are Wild Apple Jonathan and Wild Apple Pippin.  Jonathan is the one with more body spots and the white blaze between his eyes.  My plan is to work both pups this summer and then possibly sell one of them in fall.  You can check back here or watch my Facebook page for pictures and updates as they grow and develop. (Update: Pippin was sold to Chris Munn in New Brunswick and was campaigned through his derby season by Bob Little.  In Late March 2017 Bob and Pippin won the NBHA Futurity.  Jonathan is still with me and has garnered a number of derby placements as well.)


Wild Apple Jonathan and Wild Apple Pippin on the one patch of bare ground here at the kennel when we got back from Kentucky on 4/2/15.


Wild Apple Pippin watching a quail fly away on 5/6/15.