Wild Apple Dogs


In 2018 we added two new puppies to our string. This one is Wild Apple Snake Charmed. She’s from Chuck Knapp out in Illinois and her dam goes back to a cross of Wynot Ace to a littermate of my dog Elhew Liebotschaner — her sire is Elhew Snake Charm.


Our other 2018 puppy is Elhew Snakewood (Cobe) He’s out of Elhew Danner and also by Charlie (Elhew Snakecharm.)

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Elhew Black Dose — Last fall Mel Pfeifle of Elhew Kennels asked me to work a couple of young dogs for her as she wanted them to get the basics so she could sell. After siring a great litter for us with Wild Apple Calvados, Dose has now moved to southern New Hampshire with Rich Claxton.




Wild Apple Spot On pointing quail in Kansas January 2016


Wild Apple Jillian May 2016


wild Apple Jonathan May 2016


Wild Apple Guinevere May 2016


Wild Apple Guinevere in Kansas January 2016.



Wild Apple Spot On seen here pointing a pair of grouse.




Wild Apple Calvados owned by Tim Kisieleski


Douglas Dear and Vic “Out West” this fall.


Wild Apple Ruby Anne owned by Capt. Ed Nicholson

Wild Apple Spot On in the bird field late this summer.

Wild Apple Spot On in the bird field late this summer.


Wild Apple Samantha

Wild Apple LJ (front) and Wild Apple Pi at four months (photo by Chris Mathan)

Wild Apple LJ in April 2012 at 11 months pointing a Woodcock (Jack X Trip) LJ had three first place finishes in four starts on wild birds as a derby and was then sold.  He met a tragic end when hit by a coal truck during a hunt in the southern Appalachians.

Jack backing his mother in this painting by Beth Carlson


Wild Apple Deuce (Ace X Lady) May 20, 2010

Wild Apple Faith Owner Ken Delong

Wild Apple Faith — from our 2008 litter (Ace X Lady), owned by Ken Delong of Michigan

 Wild Apple Trey  (2008 Litter) Sharing a bird with his big brother Wild Apple Jack

Wild Apple Brandy (Jack X Trip) Owned by Matt Sudol of PA

Mike (Wynot Ace X Elhew Liebotschaner) owned by Rich Claxton of NH

Inside Straight (littermate to Wild Apple Jack) owned by Steve Willie of Texas

Wild Apple Boo (Ace X Lady) owned by Jack Harang of TX

Ace and Lady’s June 2007 litter out for a puppy walk