Waiting on a Dog

Let’s face it.  Dogs like Wild Apple Spot On that win a championship while still a derby are extremely rare.  Most dogs take a while to mature and show you their full potential.  When I cam home from Kentucky last year I brought two puppies home that were from the Nelson’s Van Max X Wild Apple […]

FaceBook vs the Blog

I first started this blog in 2010 on another site and the frequency of my posts has been on a long downward spiral.  When I started the blog it was the best way to communicate with people interested in the dogs, their training and hunting, our field trialing, and my observations on life among the […]

Woodcock Singing

I got back to New Hampshire in the wee hours of Monday after driving straight through from Kentucky.  The woodcock in Kentucky had already hatched as I had dogs point a hen with four tiny chicks and an empty nest in another location.  It’s been cold here at home with two mornings in single digits […]

ABHA National Championship and the Kentucky Derby Classic

On Monday, March 28, 2016, field trialers and their dogs from Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire assembled at the Miller Welch Central Kentucky Wildlife Management Area for the running of the American Bird Hunters Association National Championship and its companion Kentucky Derby Classic. Miller-Welch is located between Richmond and Berea, Kentucky and comprises […]