Comments on Building a Grouse Dog

“Good detail.  Good step by step.  I’m enjoying the book so far.  I like the idea of putting the dog up on the bench after training sessions.” “I also like some of the detail provided about dealing with puppies…I don’t see that in many training books.  Thanks for putting this together, Craig.” “I run Elhew […]

Guard Rail

Guard Rail was already dead, when I started going to field trials about 25 years ago.  He had died tragically on December 26, 1984 in an accident on Interstate 95 in Woodbridge, Virginia as his owner Gene Casale and Truman Cowles were headed down the road to spend the winter working dogs and attending trials […]

The Last Elhew

Sometime in the early 1990s, I ran a dog for the first time in a wild bird championship – the Northern New England Woodcock Championship that was held for many years in Fryeburg, Maine.  I thought my setter, Stokely’s Diablo Buddy, did a great job in spite of his handler’s inexperience.  Bob Stewart from New […]

Wild Apple Calvados Wins North American Woodcock Championship

Yesterday in McAdam, New Brunswick Wild Apple Calvados won the North American Woodcock Championship.  For Brandy this her second Championship as she also won the Northeastern Grouse and Woodcock Championship in the fall of 2016.  Her performance yesterday was one we can be proud of.  Conditions were hot and dry in the woods of New […]