The Bud Bros

Over the years I’ve had some very precocious pointer puppies.  Wild Apple Jack in 2004 and Wild Apple Calvados last year both won the Miss Leslie Derby Classic on wild birds while still puppies.  Wild Apple LJ won three out of four derby stakes he ran in on wild birds in the fall of 2012 and showed adult manners on both grouse and woodcock along the way.  Both Wild Apple Molly McGee and Wild Apple Polka Dot have pointed grouse already this summer and Molly at least will get some opportunities against this year’s derbies.  That said, the three Bud Bros pictured below may be the most advanced puppies I’ve ever worked.  All three are steady to wing and shot on pigeons and a couple have already had broke woodcock finds.  They were bred by Derek Caudill from Kentucky using his Diamond Straight Flush “elhew” bitch and Chase Hill’s Little Bud as the sire.  Bud and his sire Beaver Meadow Benjamin are not for throwing pups that develop early.  The plan is for Derek to get one back to try cover dog field trials with and I’m planning to keep one which means that one of these pups will be available at the end of the summer.  They all will make great wild bird dogs and will be ready t hunt this season.  They should also be excellent cover dog prospects.  If I had to choose today which one I’d send back to Derek and which one I’d keep, I’d probably have to draw lots.  Call me at 603-381-8763 or email me at if you want more details.



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