Unintended Consequences

Brandy backing Tick.

Brandy is still recovering from a procedure and is only allowed yard work at least for another week or so.  So I went out and planted some pigeons for her and took her out on the checkcord.  I was halfway down the yard when a big white dog streaked by and then pointed Brandy’s pigeon.  It was Tick, one of the six and 1/2 month old Bud Bros.  He had broken out of his Kennel even though I had put extra snaps on the door to keep him in (it wasn’t his first escape).  I flushed the bird from its remote launcher and he stood for the flush and shot.  He only released when I walked up behind him with Brandy.  I took Brandy on for two finds on her own while Tick zigged when we zagged.  He then went back and pointed the pigeon trap.  I didn’t have a spare lead with me so I walked Brandy up to the kennel put her up grabbed a Wonder Lead and then went back to find Tick still standing pointing the empty pigeon trap.   I slipped the lead over his head and then walked him back to his kennel which I secured with the extra snap and a couple of heavy duty zip ties.  That seem to work as he did not make another appearance as I worked the other dogs.  Here’s a bad video of our youngest puppy Dottie pointing a pigeon on her own.

Earlier in the day, I ran Birdy, Fiona, Spiggy, and Hattie.  All had wild bird contacts some handled better than others.  We’re making progress but still not finding the wild birds in the numbers we need.
Tomorrow the Bud Bros and Sam and Glow will be on the truck as we try a few spots that got good about this time last year.
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