Soaked Again

Got soaked again this morning but it was worth it.  In total we moved 15 woodcock and 3 grouse with a number of the dogs involved.  The best brace was Frankie and Lucy as we moved most of the woodcock with them including one find where Lucy pointed a grouse and then flushed three woodcock when she went with the grouse.

The find of the day was Ruby’s.  Glo pointed first and Ruby backed and they almost let me get in front of them but nothing got up.  They worked down an edge for about 50 yards Ruby zigged, Glo zagged, and then Ruby locked up tight with that little poker of a tail sticking up above the ferns.  I took a step toward her and a grouse blew out.  She didn’t move.  Then a second grouse went and she followed.  I’ve seen many thousands of grouse pointed but a puppy doing that still gets me pretty excited!

When Ruby pointed this morning all I could see was her tail sticking up above the ferns.

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