21 Woodcock

We’re starting to make real progress getting the dogs into birds.  Yesterday we tried a couple of new spots and ended the morning with 12 grouse and 9 woodcock. This morning we started earlier than usual to try and beat the heat.  In three braces of dogs we moved a total of 21 woodcock. The most amazing find was Lucy’s.  She went on point about 90 yards away and when I got to her a hen woodcock fluttered up like it had chicks.  Then one by one all four chicks lifted while Lucy stayed put.  They must have been a very late hatch as they were still quite small and didn’t fly very far.  Lucy along with a number of the other dogs is now wearing a bellyband to staunch her up.  She got the first taste of it in the woods today.  It’s a great training tool when used appropriately but can cause problems when used to excess.  The most common problem with too much bellyband is nonproductive points.  The dogs get overly cautious and stop with the slightest whiff of scent.  you have to catch them busting a bird or failing to back to make it work right.   Like all training timing and being sure the dog knows what the correction is for are the keys to success.

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