Camp is Winding Down

Birdy (aka Peanut) is already hunting in Montana and Lucy left Monday.  Ed Nicholson is here for a few days and then is headed out with Ruby.  Rich Claxton is coming up today and taking Maggie home tomorrow.  Cider went to Henry and Dave McCarthy a couple weeks ago.  Max and Jagger leave next week with Bruce.  That will get me down to five of my own and Brandy, Sam, and Pete.

Yesterday was a puppy day with Jagger making a breakthrough and holding two different woodcock finds until I got to him to tie for day dog with Brandy who found two grouse and two woodcock in a cover that is pretty tough running.  Glo and Ruby each had woodcock finds and I ran Sam in a spot that doesn’t have many birds to try and rein her in a bit.  She’s definitely a hand full.

Already been out this morning and ran Pete and Max.  Both had finished work on birds.  Pete had a really nice limb find on a woodcock.  Max had a good woodcock find and then dug in deep and stopped.  I went into him and he was still high and tight when I got to him.  When I got in front of him a grouse lifted and then another and another I fired and he stayed tight.  More grouse lifted and just to tempt him to screw up I fired again and then again on the last of six grouse.  That was too much and he finally broke.  I set him back up and did a little training but I was pretty easy on him as I had forced the issue so I could get a correction in.

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