Sometimes You Have to Stop and Smell the Flowers

You have to watch the whole video to understand the title of the post.  These are the two female pups out of the Jack X Belle litter during their evening playtime in the yard.

Tony and I spent some time today checking out some potential new covers.  The two we walked into looked promising and I even walked up a woodcock in one of them.  Got up and flew quite a ways so was probably a male on the edge of an opening.  Moved some grouse and another woodcock in a couple other spots we hunted last fall.  Tony also got to due some MOOSE avoidance training with the Little Thudster today as he almost got run over by a big moose on a 4-wheeler trail and then thought it might be interesting to see where the large beast was headed.  You couldn’t have set up a training situation any better even if you had a pet moose.

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