Jack X Belle puppies 2/16/13

Took a road trip yesterday to see Jack’s pups over at Steve & Pat Forrest’s near Bangor.  Really nice looking litter that Belle is obviously taking good care of.  Pat dabbed a little raspberry juice on the back of the females heads before we got there.  We re-arranged the pile so the females are on the left side.  Almost all of them have nicely marked heads and mostly white bodies (with the obvious exception of the one on the far right).  Two of them will be moving over here sometime around the end of March.  Looking forward to it and I’ve already order them a box of quail.

The attempt to get Annie bred using Ovuplant didn’t work — not quite sure why.  Annie came into heat as expected but was never receptive to being bred.  I am now thinking about trying to have a litter with Jack X Trip that would be born in late June.

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