A First Grouse

Craig “Smith,” one of Tommy’s clients who came in from Illinois to for a mixed hunt that includes moose, bear and birds with his first ever ruffed grouse that was pointed by Veronica.

Yesterday I played the role of assistant guide as Tommy had some folks in from Illinois who had a moose permit.  They shot a nice 40″ bull on Monday and wanted to try bird hunting on Tuesday.  Tommy just has Veronica and a pack of Plott hounds so I offered to supply a little extra dog power.  We started the day with Veronica and she put a few grouse a couple of grouse in front of the guns and Craig (last name withheld) managed to knock down his first grouse.  He then got a few chances on woodcock over LJ and got one of those as well again his first.  Jack put on a heck of a show at the third cover with two woodcock finds four grouse finds the grouse shots were all pretty tough but we managed to get another woodcock.  Trip also pointed both birds but we failed to get one for her.  By about 2:00 and four dogs run the “Smiths” after three days of moose hunting decided to head out for their sea duck hunt in Maine this morning.  Tomorrow they are going back out with Tommy in hopes of getting a bear over his dogs.

Today is a school day and usually don’t hunt but Tommy wanted to go out for one hunt and we moved around a dozen grouse and one woodcock with Veronica in the Secret Cover.  Tommy and I each got a  grouse and Tommy got the woodcock.  Tomorrow I’m back hunting with Tony and his entourage.

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