Pat Carney, along with Tony and her husband Lloyd were on hand for a return to the No Name Cover  Thursday morning.

Everything goes along just fine — until it doesn’t.  We went back to the No Name Cover yesterday to try and approach it from the other side.  That worked great and gave us the opportunity to run in the Secret Cover.  This is a cover that Tommy and I ran dogs in last summer and then wouldn’t tell Tony where it was until I couldn’t take his whining anymore and showed him how to get to it.  We ran LJ and Trash in the No Name and moved 3 woodcock and 15 grouse.  We have a big problem though, we ran them for about an hour and only hit maybe a quarter of the cover.  And we only briefly hit the section we had run in on Tuesday.  We may never see all of this cover.  Then as we came out LJ seemed to leave the cover through a strip of mature forrest and go on point.  When I found him he was in a completely different cut that is a little younger cover but looks equally as good.  When we got back to the truck we ran Bertha and Trip in the Secret Cover and moved a small brood where we counted three grouse and then 2 woodcock.  That gave us a morning total of 18 grouse and 5 woodcock for two braces.  Then as I turned around to leave I baked onto a stump hidden in the weeds and bent the tailpipe on my truck and broke one of the hangers.  I bent up enough to drive without it dragging and headed to town to get it fixed.  Tony and the Carneys went on to run the Big Rig and Little Thuddy as one last tune up before we head to Canada for the Maritime Grouse Classic and its companion stakes.  We’re taking three derbies and Jack and Rigby.  Should be a good trial although the enter is not that big.  I’m taking my camera and laptop and will post a report if I have internet access where we’re staying.

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