Work Day

Just so you don’t think all Tony and I do is run around counting unbelievable numbers of birds, I wanted you to know that today was a work day where we took my tractor and Tony’s weedwacker (we actually do let him operate power tools) and spent the morning working down in our Red Barn cover.  I got as much mowing done as I could in section 1 & 2 before a hydraulic leak on the power steering arm had me headed out of the cover and back to the trailer.  Tony did manage to flush a family of woodcock that were roosted up for the day in a stand of planted red pines.  I’m always a little startled when we find birds in this section as it is not what anyone would consider typical woodcock cover.  It would not surprise me if this family group were in the pines throughout the summer.  It has happened in years past.  I’m headed out later this week to see the new grand daughter that’s expected to arrive in the next couple of days in Kentucky.  It will be fun to have another little girl around to spoil rotten — it didn’t seemed to affect her mother adversely.

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