One of Those Days

From the high of yesterday to . . . This morning I left Jack in the house while I went out and ran errands came home to a case of diarrhea all over the kitchen. Then Tony and I ran dogs. It was blowing a gale, spitting snow, and close to 60 degrees cooler then last week’s high. Trash got hung out in the wind and had trouble finding us. Jack cut his ear and bled all over himself and the equipment he had on his neck. He then pointed a woodcock who it turned out was already on a nest with one egg in it. Then we ran Frankie and LJ. Frankie went on point but before we got to him he jumped in and caught a Porcupine. Tony and I started pulling quills and then I realized that LJ had lined out of the cover and was 700 yards away (probably following one of Bullwinkle’s relatives). We got him back, Led Frankie back to the truck and couldn’t hold him down so we headed for the vets. $168 and a lousy Chinese meal later we finally called it quits for the day.

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