Wild Apple LJ in front of his brother Pi.

This is one weird winter here in Northern New Hampshire. We have a foot or less of snow pack in the woods and have had rain a few times in January. What snow there is is crusty and there is lots of ice underneath. I have started conditioning dogs for the spring trials but have been limited to a very short loop skijorring in the areas that were mowed last summer. If we get a little more snow we’ll be able to take advantage of all the snowmobile trails around here. Tony and I have been talking about taking a trip to southern New England to try and get our dogs on the ground. Fortunately Jack is at an age where it will not take a lot of bird work to get him sharp for the Invitational. With the puppy classic taking place before the Invitational we plan to enter a couple of pups in that including Wild Apple LJ pictured here in a Chris Mathan photo. You can see more of her work at

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