Grouse cover

Thrusday, It was Ker B and Abbie for the “B” dogs and Wild Apple June and Trey for the blog team. Abbie was definitely dog of the day with three finds one of which forced us to cut through a long stretch of heavy, wet cover — we wouldn’t have been wetter had it been raining.
Friday morning we took the A-team of Ginger and Jack and headed out to one of grouse covers to see what we could find. It turned out really well, we moved 11 woodcock and three single grouse then found a brood on the road on the way home. Tony got out and flushed in the dense firs and spruces next to the road and I heard at least 6 young birds and the hen fly. The young birds were just a little bigger than quail.

Everbody got this morning off. The young dogs will porbably get some work over at the quail pen this afternoon. Mariah had another session on Thursday with a technique we are now referring to as “rope-a-dope” I think we’re winning although Mariah might disagree.
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