Paul Fuller — Book Review

Paul Fuller of Bird Dogs Afield knows a thing or two about bird dogs and his frequent videos on his YouTube channel are excellent. I really appreciate his review of Building a Grouse Dog in his latest email newsletter.
“There are no bird dog training books that I have ever seen that are dedicated to training a dog for ruffed grouse…at least none I’m aware of. Well, now we do have one. It’s Building A Grouse Dog by Craig Doherty. I knew I was going to like this book when I read on page 25 …you need to work at becoming a hunting partner as opposed to a hunting master. Craig is referring to your relationship with your dog. There are two ingredients that make this book worth owning. As a past educator, Craig is an excellent writer. He knows how to explain training in an easy to read narrative. Couple his communication skills with his pro-trainer knowledge of dogs and we have a winner. Craig takes you and your dog from a small puppy to a reliable grouse hunting partner. Although Craig’s emphasis is on ruffed grouse, this book will be of great help to any pointing dog owner. Published by Wilderness Adventure Press, it’s printed on high quality paper with dozens of colored photographs. You can order directly from Craig”
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