Winter Solstice Feast

The Winter Solstice occurs tomorrow around 6:00 pm and today was marked by our first day of full sunlight here North of the Mountains in about two weeks although it was -1 this morning.  We are celebrating the change of the seasons with a feast featuring smoked pork butt which went on the Weber at 8:30 this morning and and reached cooked temperature about 6 hours later.  Later, we’ll pull the pork and cover it with homemade barbecue sauce made utilizing a bottle of American Honey that a client left here a couple years ago.  We also went out and cut a tree today and we’ll be setting it up later. We also did a little sliding on the hill in the front yard which is turning out to be my two year old granddaughter’s favorite winter activity.



Yesterday we took a trip down to western Maine to pick up Tim K’s new to him dog trailer which will follow us to Kentucky in a couple of weeks loaded with dogs to drop off for Bruce Shaffer in West Virginia and a bunch that are going to get worked in Kentucky.


The all aluminum trailer is the one going to Kentucky.

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