Shortest Day

We are fast approaching the shortest day of the year here in Northern New Hampshire. Day length will reach 8 hours and 50 minutes starting tomorrow and will stay there for a few days before we start gaining day light. Six months from now we’ll have days that are 15 1/2 hours long. In addition to the short days we have to much snow with a hard crust to be running dogs so we’re doing a little snowshoeing and skiing as well as building a snow castle for my 2 year old granddaughter. Her father and I did all the work although she thought it was great fun.

The crust was caused by two days of rain last week and an all day rain yesterday.  All that rain got the water running under the snow up on the hill behind the house and the logging operation came to a stop.  They moved out the hot saw and never brought in the rest of the equipment and instead went on to a small job they have on ground that isn’t quite as sensitive and wet.  Starting tomorrow we’re forecast to get some colder temperatures and the ground should freeze back up.   There is a lot of wood on the ground as they have cut about 70% of what was planned.  Once they’re able to over the ground without too much impact they should get it out and processed pretty quickly.

Starting to get things together for our winter trip with the dogs to Kentucky.


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