And So It Starts

The Hot Saw arrived today and started cutting up at the top of the property.  The operator claims he can do five acres a day once he gets his trails cut.  The skidders, processing equipment, and chipper will arrive later and the whole job should be done by Christmas.  One guy with a chainsaw and and cable skidder would had been here for a big chunk of the winter and would have probably only wanted to bring the logs to the landing.  These guys will whole tree harvest and what doesn’t get processed into saw logs and pulpwood will go into the chipper and go to the Biomass generation station in Berlin that just came on-line this summer.  The saw mill is about five miles away and the biomass plant is 11 miles.  They had to move the equipment from a job that was only a few miles away making the whole process pretty efficient.

Tomorrow, when it stops snowing I’ll try to get some video of the saw in action although as you can see from the warning on the boom, I won’t be able to get to close.

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