The Return of Summer

Summer has not quit yet.  Despite two mornings with frost recently, it was already 60 with high humidity when we headed out this morning.  After two braces of dogs it was pushing 70.  Now, at 11:30 it is 86 headed to over 90.  The dogs we ran this morning still did okay.  Rigby had two woodcock finds with Pete backing on one of them.  And then Trip and Little Thuddy had a divided find on a brood of grouse with Trip having a second brood near the end of the brace.  I had other dogs on the truck but most of the customer dogs are gone now so I didn’t feel guilty not running LJ and Glo as they both went yesterday.  After another 80+ degree day tomorrow things cool back down.  The Saturday I’m heading out to Montana with a detour to visit my family in Kentucky for a couple nights on the way.  Should be in Montana by this time next week.  I’ll try keep you all updated with how we do in Montana but I’m not sure what I’ll have for Internet access or even phone coverage where we’re going.

Yesterday I ran LJ who had a single grouse, Trip who had a brood of grouse and a single grouse, Sam who had two woodcock and a grouse but had some handling issues that we’re trying to get straightened out, and Glo who gets dog of the day honors for digging out five woodcock finds in a nasty little corner that we reserve for puppies.

Bruce and Tony were out working dogs as well yesterday and I caught up with them just in time to help pull quills out of Big Thudd’s foster dog Maggie.  It’s never fun, but at least she only had one in her face.  As you can see from the picture most of them were in her left front leg and shoulder.

It could have been a lot worse!

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