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Cover and Wild Birds

Many years ago, we used to keep our quail pen up on a big hill farm nearby. There were some grown up old pastures, and a few open fields. The owner of the farm had a firewood business and had pretty much cut over the place making for a lot of successional forest. It was […]

Maine Bird Dog Club Field Trial

Ran the Trey and June in the Derby on Saturday. June’s race was a little immature and she had trouble pinning down her only bird in the rain. Trey ran as a bye and I was very pleased with him. He had three bird contacts — one was on a thoroughly soaked dead bird and […]

Pigeon marathon

Since the quail were all killed last weekend, we switched to pigeons today and worked six dogs on them. Pigeons are great if traps or harnesses as they give off a lot of scent and usually fly well. However, that was not the case today, the pigeons I got this year are some fancy breed […]

Neither rain nor snow nor …

A day or two after my last post it snowed here in Northern New Hampshire and lasted for a couple of days. Then I went out to Wisconsin to help my daughter celebrate the completion of her PHD. Got back Sunday night to find that all the quail in the Johnny house had been killed […]

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