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And So It Starts

The Hot Saw arrived today and started cutting up at the top of the property.  The operator claims he can do five acres a day once he gets his trails cut.  The skidders, processing equipment, and chipper will arrive later and the whole job should be done by Christmas.  One guy with a chainsaw and […]

Winter Wonderland

The 6 to 8 inches of snow we got yesterday and last night was actually too light and fluffy for snowmen but it may make our grouse hunting pretty tough unless we get a good thaw.  Although that’s not in the forecast.  When I was clearing off the roofs of the kennels I let the […]


November can be the best and worst of grouse hunting here in Northern New Hampshire.  The weather is unpredictable and can move the birds around and even force us out of the woods completely.  There was one year where it snowed 8 to 10 inches on Veteran’s Day and we never saw bare ground again […]

It’s Been Awhile

Back in early August, I was asked to hold off on the blog so the content could be transferred to our new website/blog.  Since that time there have been some delays that were not really controllable, but that is all now water-over-the-dam and the New Wild Apple Kennel website/blog is now live.  The new design […]

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