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Winter Solstice Feast

The Winter Solstice occurs tomorrow around 6:00 pm and today was marked by our first day of full sunlight here North of the Mountains in about two weeks although it was -1 this morning.  We are celebrating the change of the seasons with a feast featuring smoked pork butt which went on the Weber at […]


Shortest Day

We are fast approaching the shortest day of the year here in Northern New Hampshire. Day length will reach 8 hours and 50 minutes starting tomorrow and will stay there for a few days before we start gaining day light. Six months from now we’ll have days that are 15 1/2 hours long. In addition […]


Winter Wonderland

There have been times in the last 30 + years when we have had bare ground until Christmas and beyond.  There have also been years when the snows have come in November and stayed.  This is one of those years.  We got back down to bare ground once but it was -15 here yesterday and […]


Wilderness First Aid for People and Maybe Dogs

Spent the weekend at a Wilderness First Aid Class to re-certify the first aid requirements for my hunting guide’s license.  The Fish and Game requirement is for just a basic first aid course but those are designed for people who are responding to a situation where professional help (ambulance or hospital) is going to be available […]

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