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You have to wonder sometimes why two grown men would get up early every morning to go out and thrash about in thick cover that most people wouldn’t go through even if the bird season was open and they were guaranteed to get their limit. Then you have a moment like we did this morning […]

Wet Monday Morning

PA Pro Joe McCarl during his week here in New Hampshire It was still raining at 5:45 when the alarm went off. But it stopped shortly there after and a quick check of the noaa radar showed that the rain was over for the morning, so I met Tony at the gate at 6:30. The […]

Summer Blues

We are having a really nice summer here in Northern New Hampshire which is a real bummer. And I’ve been too busy to make the early morning runs for a couple of weeks although that should change next week. I have been out twice this week with Tony and Joe McCarl whose up for ten […]

In the Bag

Today after a 20 mile bike ride and lunch in Errol, we got back in time to work the young dogs in the bird field. My son-in-law Jason helped with birds and dogs while my wife Katie snapped some pictures. After we loaded up the bird bag we used the tip up traps to hold […]

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