Puppies Again

Over the years a lot of puppies have gone through the kennel and for the most part they have gone through the same program that produced Grand National Grouse Champions Wild Apple Jack and Autumn Moon.  Sometimes they are puppies we’ve whelped like the litter that produced Jack and Moon and sometimes they are puppies […]

Winter in Kentucky

For the first six weeks I was down here it was like an extended late fall in New England with some cold nights but plenty of days in 40s and even 50s.  During that time I was able to get a lot done with all the dogs but then winter came south with a vengeance. […]


January often seems like the longest month of the year, but I’ve been fortunate to have had great weather for running dogs here in Kentucky this winter and January has pretty much zoomed by.  I judged most of the NBHA trial here in Berea last weekend and got to see a lot of good dogs. […]

The Way Winter Should Be

Yesterday the temperature in Central Kentucky reached the mid-50s and today was another bright sunny day with the high in the upper-40s.  Great weather to get out with the dogs.  Today Sam had covey of quail on the farm and Spot had a good run with no birds.  The fields are a little muddy so […]