Comments on Building a Grouse Dog

“Good detail.  Good step by step.  I’m enjoying the book so far.  I like the idea of putting the dog up on the bench after training sessions.”

“I also like some of the detail provided about dealing with puppies…I don’t see that in many training books.  Thanks for putting this together, Craig.”

“I run Elhew bred pointers on woodcock and grouse and really enjoyed this book. I’m looking forward to implementing the whoa and steadiness drills.”

“I like how you interwove stories into the discussion of your methods, which makes it a more interesting read than typical training books.”

“I’m enjoying your book. Chapter 4 should be required reading for anybody buying an e-collar. The “yelp level” is exactly right. I’ve seen people so afraid to achieve vocalization that all they end up doing is torturing their dog without any benefit to it.”

“my father said out of all the books I sent him yours was the best!”

“Read just about the entire book! Hard to put down once you start. Very informant and a great guide for any pointer trainer. Many of my training techniques I’ve used for years were covered in your excellent book! Great job!”

“Excellent resource for any pointer trainer or hunter that strives to have a great grouse dog.”

“I run pointers on upland birds . . . and felt like you were writing it just for me.  I appreciated how you interwove examples/stories amidst the how-to portion of the book.  This approach made the book an enjoyable read for me.”

“Great read, thanks for writing it!”

“Thanks again for (the gift of) Craig’s book. A perusal leads me to think it is the best training book that I have ever read.”

“Enjoying it, great read!”

“Liked it so much, I ordered two more for friends.”

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  1. I ordered your book for a friend
    Could you please inscribe it to my friend. Her name is Freda Rosso

    Thank you
    I’m enjoying my copy currently
    Fritz Wildt

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