Kennel and Training update


Started this post a few days ago but time seems to run to fast in the summer. We got the walls up last Saturday.

In the mornings we’ve been working all the dogs and working on the kennel afternoons.  Saturday our efforts finally showed progress as we got up the pre-framed walls.   Some training pictures from this week follow.  the banner at the top of the post shows Wild Apple Samantha (left) backing Wild Apple Polka Dot.


Elhew Sea Me Run is just one of the really nice dogs in for training this summer. Dillie started with me in Kentucky last winter and has progressed really nicely.



Lexi is all about work. Looking forward to getting her into the big woods soon.


GoGo is looking good and making progress every day.


Axel’s got a big motor and is learning to throttle back a bit to increase his learning opportunities on birds.


Dottie had to dig into the cover for this pigeon find as we have started to plant birds in cover that is similar to where we can expect to find grouse and woodcock soon.


Brandy showing that’s she’s no slouch in the style department either.

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