Cutting Continues

I’m not there to watch but Tom Parker sent this picture today of the view behind the house.  It used to be that you could only see about 100 feet into the dense evergreen woods.  Now you can see all the way to the top of the ridge.  Trucks are hauling out both logs and chips everyday.  I expect they’ll have it all done in a couple weeks.


Here in Kentucky it was except for Tuesday it has been a mostly yard work week as it has been pretty cold.  It’s warming up today and is predicted to be in the low 40s tomorrow.  The farmer took ne on a tour the other day and after talking more with he and his father I expect there’s 5 or 6 wild coveys for us to find.  There also going to strip mow one small field for me to use as a bird field.  Weather looks good for the whole week so we should be able to get a lot accomplished.  I’ve also got my eyes on a large flock of pigeons that are on the power lines on the way out to the farm.  Just got to figure out where they’re roosting at night and I should have a limitless supply.  There is also a local source for quail and I’ll run that down as well.


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