Visitors to Wild Apple Kennel

This morning I worked the Bud Bros over my Puppy course and we found a couple of grouse and the quail I had released.  Then we had a couple of visitors.  Angie and Dot (Frankie X Ch Jonesy’s Rebel Revenge) came over to go around the puppy course with our Dot and Molly.  It was a little bit like herding cats at the beginning as the four puppies wanted to play and explore in various directions but we eventually got them all going in the right direction and they looked good.

Angie closest — Molly next — Setter Dot and then Little Dot out on the limb.
Polka Dot thinks she’s hiding in the grass in hopes of tackling the next puppy to run buy.

After running the puppies we headed out to run some of the bigger dogs.  Glow ran with Little Frankie and Sam and Trash made up the second brace.  Trash pointed a grouse that hopped up into a tree and Sam cam in and pointed as well without seeing Trash.  On the way back out of the woods we came upon the spruce grouse in the video below.  I walked right up to it and then switched from pictures to videos.  We usually see spruce grouse along this same road once or twice a year.  When you see them up close it’s easy to see it’s not a ruffed grouse.  When they flush in front of a dog in thick cover it’s possible to confuse them.
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