Sunny Days

Sunny days have been few and far between lately, but today was beautiful with a nice breeze and temperatures reaching the low 70s.  Spent time on yard work with a little pigeon pointing thrown in at the end for the older pups.  Molly and Dottie still did a quail walk and looked pretty good doing it.

Both Spiggy and Fiona saw their first pigeons today.  Both showed that have good noses.  My photographer missed Fiona at here most intense moment but still got a picture of her as she focused on the the birds.  Spiggy showed really nice intensity.  She’s been here a couple weeks and the more I work her the more I like her.  She runs hard and obviously shows some intensity on point.

Fiona pointing her first pigeon.

Spiggy showing some nice style.  Although the retractable lead looks taunt, there’s no pressure on her to stand her birds.

Molly and Dottie are definitely looking good.  I put out two quail for them and they found three (some of the birds are not recalling but are staying around the bird field.).  Dottie at 11 weeks seems to be the best bird finder of the this year’s puppies.  She just always seem to go to the right spot.  In the top image (below) she actually stole point from Molly.  In the bottom image she held point long enough for Molly to come in and back.

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