Coitus Interuptus

Just at dusk yesterday my friend Tommy stopped by and we let Jack and the two puppies (Molly and Dot) out loose in the yard. As we were standing next to the house Tommy pointed to the edge of the lawn and there was a male grouse in full display strutting like a turkey Jack saw him and when Molly saw Jack get interested she came over and flushed the bird then followed him up into the woods behind the house. She came back around a couple minutes later and flushed what we assume was the hen. Hopefully they had done the deed before we interrupted them. Those are probably some of the house grouse that we flushed from the cranberry bushes that are about 30 yards from the house every time we ran a dog here last fall.  The hen is probably nesting nearby hopefully far enough from the house that she won’t be bothered by the puppies during play time.

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