Nesting Season

New Hampshire has no closed season for bird dog training, but Tony and I self-impose one for May and into June.  In the last three days we have had birds, both grouse and woodcock, in three of our primary training covers which means we should have an excellent summer with the dogs.  As the picture shows the woodcock already have their full clutch of eggs and one woodcock we pointed today we didn’t even flush as she was obviously sitting on a nest.

A full clutch of woodcock eggs.

 In addition to hearing drummers everywhere we go we are also seeing grouse along the roads and the dogs are finding them in our training covers.  I have not been out here at the kennel without flushing at least one grouse.  There is one that seems to live very close to the house as we flushed it again today just off the edge of the lawn in a big patch of high bush cranberries.  Tony flushed one yesterday when he stopped at the end of his driveway to get his mail.

There also seems to be a good number of grouse that have wintered over.

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