15 Days

Part of the reason I came to Kentucky this winter was to get away from the cold and snow of Northern New Hampshire.  While it hasn’t been as cold as it’s been at home, it’s been a tough winter in Central Kentucky.  Since I got here on January 6th the public schools have been cancelled 15 days plus a number of other days with delayed starts.  It’s been either too cold or too icy and snowy to work dogs most of the time I’ve been down here.  As you can see in the picture above there was still plenty of ice out at the WMA today but Jack, Glo, Sam, and I all had a little cabin fever and went out anyway.  It was in the mid-20s with a cold wind this afternoon.  The ten day forecast finally shows some more seasonable temperatures towards the end of the forecast period so, hopefully I still have a chance to get up in the mountains and at least see where the grouse are supposed to be.  Thursday I’ve been invited over to Harold Banks ground to work some dogs.  Harold is in his 70s and been messing with dogs for a long time.  Hopefully he can teach this old Yankee a thing or two.

Wild Apple Moon Glow coming in from a cast today.

Wild Apple Samantha taking an edge.

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