Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I’ve been in Kentucky for a week and a half and finally got the dogs out yesterday.  Took them over to the Miller-Welch Central KY WMA for a workout.  Sam, Glo, and Jack all got to stretch their legs.  The Miller-Welch WMA is 1800+ acres and is the site of numerous field trials.  The public can run dogs there Tuesdays and Thursdays and weekends when there aren’t trials.  It’s made up of a a lot of field that have been mowed in strips for field trials.  My dogs kept running into the wooded edges and islands of trees.  I’m told there will be woodcock there later but I’ll probably be on my way home before they arrive.  Yesterday was beautiful with the temperature reaching the mid-50s.  Beats the heck out of ice and snow even though them had a couple of unseasonably warm thaws at home.  Here’s a shot of Sammie running yesterday.

Next week I’m hoping to take the dogs into the mountains and see if we can’t find one of those elusive Southern Appalachian grouse.

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