Hard Day at the Office

Today was a hard day at the office as we have reached the part of the season where the woodcock can be few and far between.  By lunch time we had run four dogs and only moved 3 woodcock and 3 grouse.  The first dog on the ground after our roadside hot lunch of soup and sausage subs with peepers and onions was Rigby and we put up two more woodcock.  Fortunately Trip was on her game and handled  9 grouse and 2 woodcock for Tony and I as Carnoski took a break and moved one of the trucks to the end of the cover so we didn’t have to loop back.  On one find I went to Trip and Tony was on the right wing.  As I shot at a woodcock, Tony shot at a pair of grouse and then two more got up after we’d reloaded. A lot of shooting for one point.  Got the woodcock.

To give you an example of how unpredictable the flights are — a cover we hit on Monday that had 14 woodcock in was empty when I went back yesterday with Sam who checked it out thoroughly.

Tony kibitzes as The Great Carnoski cooks lunch

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