And So It Begins

Rich Claxton and Maggie had the honors of being the first brace of the new season and Rich killed the first grouse with his first shot.  They were also my first guiding clients.  We had a good day although we had to quit early in the afternoon as it started to get too hot for dogs and people to be tramping about in the woods.  This was Maggie’s first wild bird killed over her and later in the day Rich shot a woodcock for my puppy Glo.

Today the weather was even worse as it stay up in the mid-40s over night and was much more humid than yesterday and we quit before lunch.  18 birds the first morning and 15 the second got us off to a good start.

Word from Rangeley is that LJ had 7 grouse and 9 woodcock his first morning with his new owner Lynn Mosely.  I expect that will be the first of many great days afield for the two of them.

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