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As of today I am officially a licensed New Hampshire Guide.  Today was the culmination of a process I began last winter as I had to get first aid and CPR certification before I could apply.  There was a written test I took in the spring as well as an oral exam.  I had a little trouble with the map and compass section of the exam (I’ve been depending on my Astro and now my Alpha too much) which required I retake the oral exam today.  Still struggled a little bit with the map and compass stuff but passed the other parts without a problem.  In fact I score a 98 out of 100 on the lost hunter scenario and I only needed a 70 to pass.  (so if you come up and wander off,  I know what to do to eventually find you.)  I’ve been hunting Northern New Hampshire with pointing dogs for 25 years and now that I’m retired from teaching I thought it would be good to share these experiences with others.  This first year I’ll be offering discounts to my training customers (a few have already tentatively booked dates) but I still have openings.  I will also give discounts to anyone who mentions the blog when they contact me.  You can reach me on my cell at 603-381-8763 or email me at wildapplekennel@gmail.com

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