The Road Goes on Forever

Robert Earl Keen has a country song and album titled “The Road Goes On Forever and the Party Never Ends” and the road trip is an iconic part of the American Cultural fabric.  We seem to take them for any number of reasons.  But the idea of crossing vast parts of the continent to hunt feathered creatures is reserved for a few of us out here on the lunatic fringe.  Over the years I’ve driven from New Hampshire to Texas at least 15 times and most of those by myself.  I think the most I ever hauled by myself was 10 dogs — six in a dog trailer and four in two crates in the back of the truck. So,  when the thought of heading out to Montana to hunt prairie birds, I started making plans.  Right now I’m 1,000 + miles intothetrip with two night stop in Kentucky to visit family.  Tuesday morning I’ll head out for the other 1,700 miles of the trip. I’m actually looking forward to driving across apart of the country I’ve never seen before.  My other trip to Montana was by air.

It’s amazing how fast the puppies — Brandy, Sam, and Glo — have adapted to life on the road. Last night was the first time they’ve slept in the back of the truck and today is the first time Sam and Glo have ever been on a stakeout.  I think that having three well travelled dogs on the truck makes it easier for the young dogs to figure it all out. Right now they are quietly laying in my daughter’s backyard.  Hopefully they’ll attempt as easily to sharp tails and Huns. I know. When I took Jack to Texas for the first time he found four coveys the first time I ran him and he held them all until I flushed and shot — he was just over a year old at the time.

I’m not sure what I’ll have for Internet access in Montana but will try to keep everyone updated.  Pictures may definitely have to wait until I get back.

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