Over the years many dogs have come and gone from the kennel.  Some I saw periodically and others I never saw again.  From the first litter of Wynot Ace X Elhew Liebotschaner there was a big pup that first went to a guy in Canada and then came back as the guy was worried about the dogs tail.  I told to wait it out but he was convinced that it wouldn’t be good enough for field trials.  The dog was bigger than his brothers Wild Apple Jack and Autumn Moon, so much so that we called him Dually.  Jack Harang took him to Texas and gave him to Steve Willy.  Dually didn’t get worked a lot but he was always fun to watch.  With his long legs he could just eat up the Texas prairie.  I remember one day on the Vest Ranch at the end of the day I was just sitting back in the saddle enjoying watching him roll when he suddenly swapped ends and landed in as perfect a point as one could wish for.  I could drive you to that very spot tomorrow even though it happen 6 0r 7 years ago and I seen many dogs point in many places since.  There was nothing wrong with his tail on that day or on many others when I saw him.  Got word yesterday that Steve found him dead in his kennel the other morning.  Dually was a good dog, loved Steve and his wife Sandra, and was loved back.  He left me with many fine memories.

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