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Some people think that you either have to have prairie dogs or woods dogs.  This morning showed that you can have both as I got the dogs back into the woods.  Both Glo and Sam stayed in range and had a woodcock a piece.  LJ showed that the transition from the prairies to the woods is no problem as he had 2 grouse finds and 5 woodcock this morning.  The first picture below shows what it looked like in Montana and the second one shows LJ on one of his woodcock finds this morning.

Pete didn’t get to go on the road trip but showed that a 12 day rest didn’t make a difference as he went out and handled three grouse and a woodcock perfectly this morning.  On the woodcock find I went way out in front of him and heard a grouse come out a tree and fired.  Then as I walked backed to tap him on the head and send him on I flushed a woodcock right into his face and then fired again.  Nice work from a two year old dog.

Switching from the wide open spaces of Montana back to the woods of Northern New Hampshire wasn’t a problem when I worked Glo, Sam, and LJ this morning.
LJ on one of his 5 woodcock and 2 grouse finds this morning.
One of my traveling tricks is to carry enough leads with snaps on both ends to hook all the dogs to a chain link fence when the opportunity presents itself.  This picture was Thursday in one of the rest stops along the NY Thruway.  From left to right: Jack, Rigby, Glo, Sam, Brandy, and LJ.

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