Summer Vacation and Today’s Training Report

Muy summer vacation lasted a total of 11 hours yesterday as Katie and I took the day off and went to the coast for a short paddle in our kayaks and a little beach time.

Wednesday was a Red Barn day and Tony and I ran four dogs each.  We moved 20 some woodcock.

Today Dave Hawke was along as he’s up visiting with Tony.  We had five dogs on each truck with everybody having birds.  In total we moved 16 grouse and 23 woodcock.  Dave’s young Shadow Oak Bo dog had a heck of a day finding a grouse and a bunch of woodcock.  Dave bred a bitch to Bo just after he won the Continental.  Nice looking dog that seems to have all the tools.  Even the youngsters got in on the bird work today with Maggie and Brandy each having a grouse and a woodcock.  Maggie’s grouse find was on a small brood and I heard or saw three young birds flush.  There may have been more and the hen was probably there somewhere as well.  We’re starting to find grouse in or near the raspberry patches.  Maggie’s and a brood that Angus had were both in the berries.  Tomorrow we work dogs and then Sunday morning we’re all going out to help Joe Dahl get the Kilkenny grounds ready for the Grand National in November.  The high Sunday is supposed to only be 70 so we should be able to work dogs in the afternoon.

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