Luck of the Draw

We have lots of different places that we work the dogs on wild birds and sometimes you find them where the were last time and other times it doesn’t work out quite as well.  Today was the perfect example of the luck of the draw.  I put Pete down first in a cover we ran last Sunday with Trash and Veronica and they pointed a bunch of grouse and woodcock.  Today Pete ran well but only found one grouse that he pointed and held with nice style.  Then we tried a new part of the same cover with Lucy and Angus (GSP that Tony recently got in for training.  We walked up a grouse and then Lucy and Angus went on a woodcock finding spree with Lucy having six finds and Angus two woodcock and a grouse.  Maggie got the short end of the stick as the dog she ran with had a problem and we had to cut the run short.

I’ve starting mixing it up a little for the puppies running one of the Jack puppies with one of the Moon puppies.  The 2 1/2 difference in age is all but undetectable now and all four of them are hunting for the elusive house grouse when they get run.  The next step will be to start taking them away from the kennel and running in other covers.

Saturday was a stay at home day with the puppies getting out and my attending to some writing I had to finish up for PDJ.  It was also the last day of our recent heat wave.  The air mass has changed with a high today in the mid-70s and the humidity is all but gone.

Friday was a Red Barn morning despite the lingering heat and a high in the low 90s Friday afternoon.  Down in Red Barn everyone ran well and had birds there were actually some grouse around as we moved 7 grouse and 11 woodcock with three braces of dogs.  The best brace for me was the middle one where Max, that had a sore foot and didn’t run for a week, ran really strong with no apparent problem with the foot.  He had two woodcock finds and a grouse.

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