Wild Apple Weekend

Friday night Justin Evans from PA and Dennis McFeeley from NJ arrived with Jagger and Max to drop them off for the summer grouse camp.  Tim Kisieleski joined us and provided great fare for the grill.  It was extremely hot for New Hampshire for this time of the year with Saturday reaching into the 90s and today hit the high 80s before the front came through and pushed temperatures back into the more normal 60s.  Both Saturday and Sunday mornings we were up early and got as many dogs run as we could.  Both Max and Jagger got their noses on New Hampshire grouse on the training loop behind the house and we could also hear a number of birds still drumming.  We ran the Thuddd Pack up at the dam Saturday and got Brandy back on the rope for more yardwork this morning.  She is starting to understand that this is work and not play.  She’s paying much better attention and is not running out to the end of the rope and jerking herself around anymore.  She’s also getting reliable on the come command with just a light touch from the collar.

The pups are doing great.  All four of them spent a long time out in the yard late yesterday afternoon as we enjoyed the end of the day.

Both days we went over to the Bly’s to see Stokely’s Little Tony B (Frankie X Rigby) who is now 7 weeks old.  He is such a fluff ball that Tim and Marie gave him a haircut.

LT getting his first big boy haircut.

In one of the lighter moments of the weekend, I walked out to tend the grill only to find Annie had climbed out of the cab of Timmy’s truck and was lying on the hood.  Little Thuddy and Rigby (the good dogs) stayed in the cab despite Annie showing them the escape route.

Annie posing as a hood ornament.

Friday night something, most likely a raccoon, got into the pigeon coop and had quite a feast.  So, if anyone out there has some pigeons please give me a call or shot me an e-mail as I could use a couple dozen more.  Traps have been set and the culprit will be relocated.

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