Starting to See Some Birds

Yesterday was primarily a yardwork day so this morning I threw Max and Pete in the truck and headed up onto an old hill farm that has some good woodcock cover.  Both dogs ran well and in the cool of the morning (temp in the low 40s) and Pete had a nice find on a woodcock.  Back at the kennel I ran Jagger who is handling really well now and he dug out a grouse although I heard him slow down and stop a couple times before it flushed.  I was standing out in the open and the bird flew by offering what would have been a pretty straight forward left to right shot.  ran the puppies next.  The Jack puppies were up first and I took them to the area on saw Jagger’s grouse land.  It’s amazing to see their heads snap up as they hit the hot grouse scent.  The both stopped and then gave hearty chase when the grouse flushed.  Then we went on through the bird field where we had let some birds out a little earlier.  They cam out of the woods and were standing on a edge pointed when I came up to them.  They both dove in and tried to chase the bird through the ferns and raspberry canes where it was fortunately safe.  The next brace was Ruby and her sister.  The picture below says it all.  Not bad for 16 1/2 weeks — stood long enough for me to get my phone out and snap a picture.

Wild Apple Cider is learning the basics.

With Pete this is all just a refresher as he is regularly finding and pointing wild birds.

This is Ruby pointing a quail today.
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