Making Progress

As we get close to the time we will be able to get out in the grouse woods all the dogs at the kennel are making progress.  The grouse chicks are starting to fly and it looks like a good woodcock hatch as well.  Fortunately Katie came along on much of today and took some pictures.  

Max getting ready for an early morning run.  He had two woodcock finds.  Bumped the first one and got a little correction then handled the second one well.

The little puppies are starting to learn what checkcord is and doing a little posing at the same time.

Not to be outdone “peanut” showed some style as well.

Last night Thudd and his entourage came up for a cookout.  Big T joined us and brought Little T along.  

Jagger showing some style in the bird field today.

Wild Apple Cider is starting to learn that there’s more to life than chasing a frisbee.
Cider and LJ’s littermate Lucy joined camp Friday.

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