In the bird field

Got the bird field mowed yesterday so we could get out first thing today.  Worked Brandy, Pete, Jagger, Maggie, Cider, and Max before we left to work on handling out at the dam.

A New Hampshire “covey” of quail

Everyone but Max was worked on a checkcord.  Max was in the clean up slot and was run around the course that leaves from the kennel and comes back through the bird field On the way up the hill his bell stopped for about a 30 count and I was on my way to him when he took a few steps and the grouse blew out.  From the way it rocketed out I’m pretty sure it was one of the drummers we’ve been hearing regularly for about seven weeks.  As we came across the bottom he stopped again, this time on a quail and  stayed put for me to get to him and get a picture before I flushed the quail.  he also pointed the last of the “covey” birds His three find outing made him dog of the day.

Max on his quail find.

The puppies also got a trip around after the big dogs and both pairs had finds.  The Jack pups had a grouse contact as a bird lifted from a dusting spot just before we got to it.  The “peanut” pup thought that spot was pretty interesting.  

“peanut” with her nose in some “hot” grouse scent.
Maggie and Pete also showed that being checkcorded into planted birds was nothing new.  Both are pretty easy on the eyes.  Pete ran with Frankie yesterday in Red Barn and although we only found a couple of woodcock with Pete and Frankie each having a find and Pete getting a couple of backing opportunities both dogs ran well as we made more than an hour loop.  It looks like Frankie may soon be back to full strength as he has been on antibiotics to clear up an infection in his throat that is probably malingering from last summers trauma.  Pete handled great and dug into the cover.
Pete is a handsome boy on point as is obvious in this pic taken during his “covey” find this morning.
Brad Lambert had posted some pics on Facebook of Maggie on point before she came North.  It looks like location doesn’t matter to her as she shows some style this morning.
Maggie in the bird field.
I’ve had dogs in the past that have been almost harder to get to back then it was to break them on birds.  I don’t think that will be the case with the Moon puppies as they regularly back each other on site whether there’s a bird there or not.
I don’t know which one stopped first but the both stood until I walked between them and broke their line of sight.
Living up here has it’s pluses as far as birds and bird hunting is concerned.  I was driving from one training spot to another today when I spotted this grouse in the road.

The grouse is a little hard to make out but is on the right edge of the road.

Although it can be hard to spot grouse on the side of the road, when a full size bull moose steps out in front of you, you better be paying attention.  A moose vehicle encounter usually ends with no winners.

This was during the middle of the day on what constitutes a major highway(it has pavement and lines painted on it) in the North Country.

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