Hamilton’s Blue Diamond

Received this from the Tracys.  It’s long overdue.



            Hamilton’s Blue Diamond (call name Jett) is being nominated for the Field Trial Hall of Fame and we are requesting your support and vote.  You may have had the opportunity to see Jett compete and witnessed his great abilities first hand.  Jett entertained people from across the country, he was an intense competitor, demonstrating the qualities we all admire and seek in a dog.  His ability to hunt and find game was second to no one, his desire to please was beyond any expectation, his style and the way he covered the ground was a sight to behold.  Hamilton’s Blue Diamond was possible one of the greatest setter we have ever seen.


He accomplished quite a record in the two years that he competed in the shooting dog circuit.  Only dog to win both Shooting Dog Derby & Shooting Dog Setter Award in the same year, 1997.  That includes All Age too.


Top Setter Derby Shooting Dog Award 1997 (Bill Conlin Award)

Top Setter Open Shooting Dog Award 1997 & 1998 (Elwin G. Smith Award)

Runner-Up Top Setter Shooting Dog Award 1999 (Elwin G. Smith Award)

Joy Top Shooting Dog Award 1998 (now the Purina Top Shooting Dog Award)


8 Championships – 2 Runner Ups

Winner: 1997 Egyptian OSD Champ.- 128 dog entry -won on his 2nd. Birthday

Winner: 1997 Canadian OSD Champ.

Winner:  1997 Kentucky OSD Champ.

Winner- 1998 Eastern OSD Champ.

Winner- 1998 Middle Atlantic Champ.

Winner- 1998 Michigan Champ.

Winner- 1998 Ontario OSD Champ.

Winner- 1998Keystone OSD Champ.

Runner-Up 1998 Kentucky OSD Ch.

Runner-Up 1999 Canadian OSD Ch.


Not only was Hamilton’s Blue Diamond a great individual in the field trial world, he was a great producer as well, with over 86 winners with over 309 placements and still counting, both Shooting Dog, All Age, Cover Dog, etc. 


He deserves election to the Field Trial Hall of Fame alongside his father Ch. Hicks Rising Sun and his grandsire Ch.Tekoa Mountain Sunrise.


Please help support the election of Hamilton’s Blue Diamond into the Field Trial Hall of Fame.  His time has come, your vote is needed!


 Thank You,

Summerhill Kennel
George, Mary, Mike Tracy
Glenville, PA 17329-0007
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